30-60-90 Climate Orientation

  1. “Hydronic Heating System”: Home heating systems all have short comings of one form or another. However, hydronic heating systems with today’s technology are the closest thing to a magic solution to heating a home. They are:
  • absolutely quiet,
  • feel to the inhabitant as akin to being bathed in sunshine,
  • there are no breezes from fan ducts (typical of forced air heating systems)
  • can be very energy efficient and use solar energy,
  • structured for zoning of the home’s temperature control.

There are, however, failings of the status-quo hydronic system. They:

  1. Respond slowly not yielding heating for 30 minutes or longer.
  2. Do not “turn off” quickly and can continue to heat an hour after “shut down.” (This is particularly problematic in the desert as temperatures can good from cold to warm rapidly.)
  3. Are generally placed in the floor and do not have an optimal angle of “radiant exposure” to the inhabitant. (Imagine you are sitting in the sun and the sun is under your feet? This feels good to the feet but does not do so much for the rest of the body. Now imagine the sun is to your side or slightly up over your shoulder. This is a good radiant angle.)

The FountainHead hydronic system resolves the problems by incorporating “light mass radiating elements” in the walls and sloped ceiling. This has the following advantages:

  1. The radiating elements respond very quickly, i.e. 5 minute responses both in warming effect and shutting down when not needed.
  2. The radiating heat hits your body from the side or overhead angle – like the sun.

Environmental and health features:

  1. Hydronic heating is extremely comfortable, no breezes, no dried out, low humidity air; there is only the warmth radiating from the homes surfaces akin to sitting in the sun.
  2. The heat source is provided by solar energy (or boiler as needed) reducing off site energy needs and expense. There is no need to feel guilty; feel free to turn up the heat; the heat is free with no negative environmental impacts or increased utility bills.
  3. If the world has fallen apart, FountainHead keeps on “rolling on,” with heat until the end of time. (This remarkable quality of life and security solution is not a high budget construction item; in general FountainHead is not about high cost, it is about good design.)
    1. “Hydronic Cooling System”

    The industry is largely unaware of the viability of hydronic cooling. Hydronic cooling cannot be in the floor due to condensation and the discomfort of cold on the feet (thus eliminating hydronic cooling from hydronic floors.) However, properly implemented, hydronic cooling has all the advantages of hydronic heating; no cold breeze, absolutely quiet, very effective cooling due to the radiant phenomenon.   However, an inexpensive source for large amounts of chilled water in a home setting would normally be considered less practical to the HVAC engineer.   But the high desert has a powerful phenomenon of the ability to chill water even after a very hot day:

    1. FountainHead has a large reflecting pond . This pond provides beauty for the home at night reflecting the night sky and surrounding spaces.   This pond also creates the “FA Element: Floating Bedroom Island”
    2. In addition to the natural beauty of the reflecting pond, there is a powerful “natural energy harvesting” phenomenon that can be harnessed to cool a home even in the hot summer months.   In the high desert, “the black body effect of the night skies” along with evaporation cools water rapidly. (This is experienced with swimming pools in the high desert, which must be covered at night to fight off the powerful chilling effects of the environment.) During the night hours the 60 foot diameter “Reflecting Pond” chills a 3” deep layer of water. In the morning when the water is no longer dropping in temperature, it automatically drains into a large thermos that holds the chilled water. During the day when cooling is needed, the chilled water is sent to the same hydronic panels (Feature 14) used for heating. At this point the panels now cool the home.
    3. Again, there is no need to feel guilty; feel free to cool the home; the cooling is free with no negative environmental impacts or utility costs.
    4. Again, FountainHead keeps on “rolling on” with cooling ability until the end of time with free energy from nature; it’s about a great quality of life.