1. Lake with Aqua-pontic Water Purification”: The water that came from the pool and electrical producing waterfall of “Feature 11” flows into an aqua-ponic basin of plant life each evening (see aerial photo). This cleans the water to the extent that it is appropriate for drinking water. There is no need for chemicals of any sort to keep the water clean. Due to this closed loop system the swimming pool and the lake are pristinely clean; the cycle is nature’s purification. The lake has a sandy beach (as any respectable lake should have) but is particularly poetic with the abundance of sand of the desert.   Environmental and health features:
    1. Swim in a pond with the assurance that it is absolutely clean. (When was the last time you were basking on a sandy beach and knew the water you rolled into is so pure it was appropriate for drinking?)
    2. Unlimited drinking water; in case the world around FountainHead “goes to hell in a hand basket,” pure water is abundant.
    3. Storage of large reservoir of pristine water for the multitudes of Water Features and water events described here.