1. Exercise & Lap Pool”: P shaped pool (see aerial photo) creates two pool areas:
  • a 60 inch deep by 110 foot long pool for aquatic exercises and swimming laps on the “straight line” of the “P”
  • a 9 foot deep pool in the curve, the “D”, of the “P” for traditional swimming activities.

Note: This pool has the unusual quality of emptying each evening as the pool is also a “Water Battery” storing “potential energy of raised water.” This is covered in “Features 11 and 12” below. Swimming in the pool at night will often not be possible; however, the pool water will play other important roles on its disappearance from the pool as described below. The “Solar Hot Tub” (see Feature 15) – perhaps more appropriate for evening enjoyment – is always filled and ready to go.

Environmental and health features:

  1. 60” deep exercise pools are a growing in popularity due to low impact and continual resistance of water exercising. Such exercise is used by football players, dancers, rehab and older adults. This is also a fabulous lap pool with few having the luxury of 110’ run.
  2. The traditional part of the pool, the “D”, has all the benefits well understood by pool aficionados.
  3. The section of the “D” pool that is deeper than 60” does not empty in the evenings. It remains full, ready for emergence water needs and to augment the fire suppression facilities of “Feature 2.”

This pool has the very unusual and extremely healthy quality of being filled with water that is completely fresh, drinkable, and purified daily, all courtesy of nature with no chemicals.