Room Inside Outside – An entire room glides out of home to be:

1. Open to the outside but still contiguous with home.

· Great for yoga, meditation, working out, dance floor, enlarged room.

· Sleep outdoors, office outdoors but still “part of home.”

2. Completely separated from the home, an island:

· Travel any distance; go to the best view on the property, the pool, waterfall, sun, forest. It’s an island that travels.

· Glide the dinner and all the guests or a bedroom to a special place.

Why should a home just be one configuration? When a home changes shape, it feels continually renewed, continually remodeled . . . but in this case in moments, over and over. Architecture reimagined. A life style of continual invention. Why are you living in a static box . . . we aren’t.

Note: Can also move an entire house similarly.