Water harvesting, solar array & garden microclimate

  1. “Solar Hot Water”: Tubular solar collectors (which reach higher temperatures than common flat plate collectors) sit out of sight below the house, against the desert wash wall. (Despite being out of view, this form of solar collector is a beautiful work of physics and should be given time to view.) These collectors heat large quantities of hot water for domestic water, spacing heating and the soaking tub.Environmental and health features:
    1. Unlimited hot water at no cost or load to energy resources. There is no need to feel guilty about a nice hot shower or bath; it is free and unlimited.
    2. As with many features of FountainHead, most things serve more than one role. These specialized solar collectors not only provide plentiful domestic hot water, they also provide a heat source for “14 Hydronic Heating” and “16 Hot Tub.”

Again, if the “world falls apart”, FountainHead will continue to flourish, providing unlimited hot water.