Dynamic Sails raise and lower to provide


  • Privacy
  • Reduce wind
  • Let breeze through
  • Open to vast vista views
  • Screen for projecting light shows

Wall Transformer – Dynamic Sails (WTDS) The sails (see photo) move from vertical to horizontal, transforming the Piazza (shown flooded in the evening to be a reflecting pond.)
• In the vertical position, WTDS creates a private courtyard and blocks the breezes.
• With WTDS in the horizontal position, it opens to the vistas to the surrounding landscape and lets the breezes come through.
• There are varied iterations with WTDS: varied height angles, sails alternately up and down.
• The WTDS are alive when use as lighting screens or projection canvases for light shows.
Environmental and Health Aspects: WTDS creates microclimates by reducing inclement weather or allow the passage of cooling breezes. The privacy of the Piazza encourages outdoor activities.